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Satoru Iwata, President and CEO of Nintendo, has died on Saturday, July 11, 2015.....I don't know what will happen with my life...
Me, being a huge Steven Universe fan, I found to love the Centipeetle Mother in its cute form in Episode 23: "Monster Buddies". And apparently, I found someone on DA that has made a plushie of it!!!! AAHHHH!!! It's so cute!!! Check it out at Rayaya's page, and look for "Improved Centipeetle"!!!!
WOW, it's been a long time since I said anything. How's everyone? It's summer, so nothing's been happening very much. I uploaded a story on my Fanfiction account, so check that out! By the by, you should check out Zoki64's awesome, customized, vintage products in his DA page. If anything catches your eye, give him a note and he might customize one for you, for a price, that is! Go on that search bar and type Zoki64 and you'll see! That's pretty much all I gotta say, so see ya!
Hey, guys!
Just wanna let you know that I have a FanFiction account and some of my stories may be redirected to my FanFiction account. I have already published chapter 1 of my Pokemon story, so if you want to start there, you may! Here's a link to my Pokemon story via FanFiction.
(Chapter 1 is in progress, just to get used to FanFiction.)


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Chandler Crews
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Yeah, Axew pictures, Axew username, nothing suspicious at all, I like Axew. Pokemon #610 in the Dex. Found in Mistralton Cave in Unova. Pokemon #148 in the Central Kalos Dex. Found in The Connecting Caves in the Kalos region.
Making digital art just really isn't my thing, pencil sketching is my skill! I make a couple of stories about random topics, like Pokemon for example. Another thing about me is that I'm a Brony!!! And proud of it! Plus, if you want to see my Facebook, check the link below! I also got a FanFiction account! I'll be making more stories there! And one more thing, Bowties are cool!!! Stay awesome Pewds! BROFIST! BAAAAAHAAAAA!!!

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